Friday, 1 August 2008

Vedoque Holidays: a Paint Game

Our first game in English. It is designed for drawing and painting using some tools a bit different from the usual ones. We think kids at Nursery and Primary levels would find this game very interesting. Even older people can spend some fun time painting with the symmetrical tools. Click here to play.
The game consists of 3 different activities:
• Colour: In this activity you can colour in the "Vedoques" as you like. Also you can print them, in case you prefer to do it on paper.
• Paint: This is "Windows Paint" with a little difference. You can paint with geometrical and circulars tools, and other ones a bit more unusual. You can also print your masterpieces.
• Dots: You can reveal the hidden picture connecting all the numbers in the correct order.
We hope you will find it fun and leave your suggestions in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Your games look like a lot of fun. I tested out your English game and had a good time with it!

Antonio Salinas García (Vedoque) said...

Thank you Jessica. In this month we hope to publish a couple of new game.

English Practice (ESL) said...

Excellent activities for kids!! Thanks! very useful!!

Antonio Salinas García (Vedoque) said...

Thanks Patsy Mary, we go to publish a new one next week