Thursday, 13 December 2012

New game: Martian numbers

We have published a new game! In this one, your task is to defend Earth from the Space Invaders. To do it, you will need to be able to fly your spaceship and you should know your times tables by heart.

The game is divided in several stages, in each one; a number will appear on the right hand corner. This number will be your times table number. You can only shoot the spaceships which contains a multiplier of this number.

Pay attention to the enemy, they will try to destroy you, and you may shoot the wrong one...Watch out!

Be patient and choose the right moment to shoot in order to avoid fatal errors. Every time you pass a stage you'll win a flag; every three flags, your battle will be a difficult one. This phase is called the "Super battle". You will be fighting the Mother Ship; it will not stop shooting you, so move fast! In order to destroy it you'll have to shoot it 10 times. If you pass 9 stages you will be awarded the Space Cadet Award

Start playing now and enjoy revising the times tables. To get more news from us, you can follow Vedoque in Facebook or if you prefer you can also do it in Twitter. (Thanks to Anuska for the English translation)