Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hello world

At last, our blog in English. We are the developers of www.vedoque.com and in our page, we publish free educational games and other material suitable for all ages. At the moment, we run a Spanish blog, where we explain how we made the game, what is its educational aim and which ages the game is target to.

In the near future we plan to produce and develop our games and design our website in English and Spanish. But for now, the games are only in Spanish. Some of them contain small explanations in Spanish but they are easy enough for students or your children to try them out. So, why don't you test these games out, in which the main characters are called "Vedoques" (pronounced beh-doc-kes in English), strange beings that nobody knows where they came from:

  • La Granja Matemática (Math Farm). The game is aimed at Primary School children. The player must click on the animal with the correct answer.
  • El escondite (Hide-and-seek). As with the previous game. The player has to click on the correct answer of the sum in order to find Vedoques. You can select the appropriate level in the main page.

In following posts, we will show you other useful games and also publish our first game in English. Any feedback welcome.

(Thanks to Anuska for the translation)