Saturday, 23 August 2008

New educational game: Maths hide-and-seek

This is a new game where the Vedoques love to hide. But don't worry! They are leaving us clues to find them. The Vedoques are behind the correct answer.
We have three different activities. The first one works with adding numbers, the second one with the times tables and the third one, you use subtractions. To make it more interesting and encourage children, they can win our Vedoque Olympic Medals. If you can complete twenty sums without any mistakes you will win a gold medal. If you make up to 3 mistakes, you will get a silver medal and up to 4 mistakes, a bronze one. You can choose the level of difficulty on the front page of the game. There are 2 levels, in the easier level (6-8 years old), the sums are made with numbers from 1 to 10, in the harder one (8-11 years old) the sums are made with numbers from 10 to 100. Click here to play

Thursday, 7 August 2008

New Game: Maths Farm

The game is aimed at Primary School children. It's a very simple game and try to make Maths a little more fun. It has three level: Sum (1 to 10), Sum (1 to 100) and Multiply. The player must click on the animal with the correct answer. Click here to play.
In the Spanish version, this game has been played over 200.000 times this year, according to Google Analytics and StatCounter.
We hope you will find it fun and leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Vedoque Holidays: a Paint Game

Our first game in English. It is designed for drawing and painting using some tools a bit different from the usual ones. We think kids at Nursery and Primary levels would find this game very interesting. Even older people can spend some fun time painting with the symmetrical tools. Click here to play.
The game consists of 3 different activities:
• Colour: In this activity you can colour in the "Vedoques" as you like. Also you can print them, in case you prefer to do it on paper.
• Paint: This is "Windows Paint" with a little difference. You can paint with geometrical and circulars tools, and other ones a bit more unusual. You can also print your masterpieces.
• Dots: You can reveal the hidden picture connecting all the numbers in the correct order.
We hope you will find it fun and leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hello world

At last, our blog in English. We are the developers of and in our page, we publish free educational games and other material suitable for all ages. At the moment, we run a Spanish blog, where we explain how we made the game, what is its educational aim and which ages the game is target to.

In the near future we plan to produce and develop our games and design our website in English and Spanish. But for now, the games are only in Spanish. Some of them contain small explanations in Spanish but they are easy enough for students or your children to try them out. So, why don't you test these games out, in which the main characters are called "Vedoques" (pronounced beh-doc-kes in English), strange beings that nobody knows where they came from:

  • La Granja Matemática (Math Farm). The game is aimed at Primary School children. The player must click on the animal with the correct answer.
  • El escondite (Hide-and-seek). As with the previous game. The player has to click on the correct answer of the sum in order to find Vedoques. You can select the appropriate level in the main page.

In following posts, we will show you other useful games and also publish our first game in English. Any feedback welcome.

(Thanks to Anuska for the translation)